Family Housing (NBSD)

New Resources Available: If you are looking at renting or buying a home in the local community, there are new resources available on the Community Housing Page


Services currently available online or by phone.

The Housing Service Center (HSC) has dedicated and trained professionals prepared to help you with all of your housing needs. They will help you find the right permanent housing accommodations at your time of arrival to San Diego as well as to help you start your search for that new home at the time of departure.

Tenant Bill of Rights

Download Today!  The Tenant Bill of Rights download (4 pages total) also includes Tenants Responsibilities and Memo for Tenants in Privatized Military Housing.

Liberty Military Housing

We have partnered with Liberty Military Housing to offer you and your family outstanding housing choices. Contact the San Diego Housing Service Center (HSC) or Liberty Military Housing to get the most current projection of housing availability and wait list information.

For additional contact information, floor plans, pet policies, full resident guidelines, and other neighborhood specific information regarding PPV housing, visit Liberty Military Housing website.

Applying for Housing

Navy, Marine Corps, Army, Air Force, United States Coast Guard and National Guard members are eligible. To apply for privatized family housing you will need to submit an application. Unaccompanied personnel may be eligible to apply for privatized housing however they are a lower priority than families. You must check into the Housing Services Center within 30 days of arrival to secure full local move benefits. Application may be made in person or submitted by mail, fax or email. Those not submitted in person must be confirmed within 30 days of reporting. Visit the Liberty Military Housing website for more information.

Additional Resources 

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